Australian Born. Built for Results. 

TFP Fitness Equipment was started in a backyard workshop in Townsville and an empty PT studio in Melbourne built by two best mates who were circumstance to rapid change due to a global health crisis. Recognising the need to help their friends, family and clients stay active and get strong from home, TFP Fitness Equipment was born. 

We built our first equipment and orders over weekends in the shed starting with chin-up bars, squat racks and parallettes.

As the need for more products increase, we sourced new suppliers to fulfill demand.


Located in Melbourne, Victoria and Townsville, Queensland. We aim to fulfill the gaps in the market with supplying the Northern Australia fitness market.

We make as some of our equipment in Australia to help keep local makers, suppliers and producers in work. We’re a world class provider of training equipment.

Our phone number is a direct line to our two founders, Dennis and Roy, and we pick up the phone to provide you with a tailored equipment solution to fit your fitness needs. You can reach us directly here 0409 900 114. Or speak to either of us via Dennis@thefitproject.net.au or Roy@thefitproject.net.au 

We’re a start-up who knows the struggle of delayed wait times, less than quality equipment arriving and poor customer service. 

We listen to our customers ideas and actively seek their feedback to improve our product range and meet their individual needs. 

TFP Fitness Equipment serves to keep industry professionals employed, connected and serving the Australian public; while providing everyday Australian’s with safe, quality and affordable fitness solutions that meet their needs. 

Support a local enterprise as we support you with the best fitness equipment on the market. 

Australian Born. Built For Results.💪